The story behind SUMMERSAVER

Denise Hahn, Gründerin von Summersaver

In 2018, our founder Denise fell ill with a metabolic disease, which is why she gained over 20 kg in a very short time. During the summer, thigh soreness kept bothering her, so she started wearing mostly just pants and long clothes. In 2019, when she flew to the long-awaited Mexico vacation with her then-boyfriend, the suffering from the so-called "chafing" had reached its absolute peak.

On one of the 11 beautiful bathing days, she headed to the beach full of joy. She enjoyed the beautiful weather, bathed in the sea and sunbathed - just a perfect vacation day.

As she got ready for dinner and slipped into one of her favorite dresses, she felt a terrible pain while walking. The skin between her legs was on fire. She hadn't just wolf-walked and had painful chafing - her skin was actually bloody and had become inflamed.

The carefree bathing pleasure of the following days had left Denise at that moment. She quickly changed her clothes and tried to reduce the pain with body lotion, but even under the light fabric of her jumpsuit, her skin chafed terribly.

On the way to dinner, Denise was saddened and worried about how to handle this "problem" on the upcoming vacation days.

The next morning she sat down in a sunny spot and began to ponder.

"How do other people handle thigh soreness?" she asked herself. Immediately she started researching and came across some tips and tricks but none of the suggested solutions, in her opinion, matched the lifestyle of a 20th century woman. Wearing long underpants under a dress in the summer - that was out of the question for her! How would that work on the beach, too?

Countless men and women described their suffering with rubbing thighs in various forums and blogs - be it while cycling, walking or at the beach. But no one had found an ideal solution yet! In this moment the idea of the SUMMERSAVERS was born - an anti-chafing stick that would solve exactly this problem without restricting people in their freedom and well-being.

While still on vacation, she got to work, researched the ingredients and their effects, looked for practical packaging options and thought of a suitable name for her product. At that moment, Denise realized that she wasn't the only one who needed this stick. She saw in her idea the chance to help millions of people with her SUMMERSAVER anti-wound rub stick and to make their everyday life easier.

And here we are - our small SUMMERSAVER team, which gives its best every day full of passion and with a lot of heart blood, so that you never have to worry about chafing and rubbing again.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about the history of SUMMERSAVER. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at We are also always happy to receive feedback.