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Summersaver Senstive Stick - Der Anti-Wundreib-Stick gegen das wundreiben der Oberschenkelinnenseiten

The new Summersaver Sensitive

2 Juni 2023
For particularly sensitive skin After a long wait, the time has come. You have wished for it, the...
Der Summersaver Anti-Wundreib-Stick gegen das scheuern von FSP2 oder OP Masken

Chafing from facial masks - a problem due to Covid-19

23 Mai 2021
The pandemic has now accompanied us for several months and the wearing of a mouthguard in the for...
So vermeidest Du Wundreibungen und Scheuerstellen beim Sport

How to avoid chafing and chafing during sports

23 Mai 2021
Almost everyone knows the famous "running a wolf" or chafing and abrasions caused by sports acti...
Summersaver kein Wundreiben im Frühling

Beginning of spring - time for exercise

20 März 2021

Now is exactly the right time to offer our bodies a little more exercise again, which has probably pretty much fallen by the wayside for many of us in times of home office or quarantine.

Denise Hahn, Gründerin von Summersaver

The story behind SUMMERSAVER

26 Februar 2021
In 2018, our founder Denise fell ill with a metabolic disease, which is why she gained over 20 kg...
Anwendungsbereiche des SUMMERSAVER!

Fields of application of the SUMMERSAVER!

20 Februar 2021

When, where and how do I use the Summersaver?

We will explain that to you in the following. Our anti-chafing stick is used preventively, i.e. before the sensitive skin areas are stressed.

Oberschenkelwundreiben – fast jede Frau kennt es

Thigh soreness - almost every woman knows it

19 August 2020

We explain why rubbing your thighs together leads to chafing and why the SUMMERSAVER anti-chafing stick can protect you from it.