Beginning of spring - time for exercise

Summersaver kein Wundreiben im Frühling

Every year in March it's time - the beginning of spring! Like many of you, we have longed for spring and finally it is here. Especially at these special times we are even more happy about sunshine and spring feelings. The days are getting longer and nature seems to awaken. Now is exactly the right time to offer our body a little more exercise, which has probably fallen by the wayside for many of us in times of home office or quarantine. Finally grab your best friend or partner again and take time for outdoor activities.

Whether it's a hike in the mountains, a bike ride with the whole family, some downtime jogging, or a walk in your new favorite shoes, nothing is more annoying than feeling uncomfortable and sore from a rubbing saddle, blisters and chafing on your feet, or chafing under your sportswear.

Summersaver kein Wundreiben beim Radfahren

Against the problem when the saddle rubs

Summersaver kein Wundreiben beim spazieren gehen

No more blisters in new shoes

Summersaver Anti Wundreib Stick kein Wundreiben beim Wandern

When the hiking boots chafe

Summersaver kein Wundreiben beim Sport

Against chafing during jogging

But we have the solution for you! You can use our SUMMERSAVER anti-chafing stick not only for the inner thighs but also everywhere where skin friction can occur and you want to avoid an unpleasant feeling. The SUMMERSAVER is a great companion for your sports activities. Simply apply our SUMMERSAVER to the preventive areas and it will effectively protect you from chafing and blistering and you can enjoy the spring with all its outdoor activities and without chafing or wolf running and move freely!

And now - make the most of your spring and enjoy it without having to run through wolves!

The SUMMERSAVER team wishes you a great springtime.