Fields of application of the SUMMERSAVER!

Anwendungsbereiche des SUMMERSAVER!

When, where and how do I use the SUMMERSAVER?

We will explain that to you in the following. Our anti-chafing stick is used preventively, i.e. before the sensitive skin areas are stressed.
The application is very simple:

  1. Twist off the cover
  2. Slightly twist open the stick
  3. Apply the creamy balm generously to the sensitive skin areas
  4. Enjoy your day

For which skin areas is the SUMMERSAVER suitable?

When we developed the SUMMERSAVER, the original idea was to create an anti-chafing stick that would primarily provide protection when legs chafe.

When we handed out the first sticks to friends and family for testing, many new ideas about how to use them came up. One of our friends used to get blisters every time he broke in new shoes - after applying SUMMERSAVER as a precautionary measure for skin protection - this never happened to him again.

Maybe you know the feeling when your bra scratches and chafes? Our customers have pointed out to us that SUMMERSAVER is also an optimal problem solver in this case.

Last summer we discovered another area of application. If the bikini panties or swimsuit between the intimate area and the transition to the legs rubs and pinches, you can also use the SUMMERSAVER here to protect your skin.

You can use the SUMMERSAVER everywhere where skin friction can occur. Our balm is also helpful under sportswear. Cycling, jogging and hiking are now possible without painful chafing thanks to our little helper.

Hier nochmal eine Auflistung der beliebtesten Anwendungsstellen:

Inner thighs

Armpit/Bra contour

Foot heel and toes

Intimate zone (skin surfaces)

If you have any further questions about the application, please contact us at

We wish you a carefree summer with our anti-chafing stick.