Chafing from facial masks - a problem due to Covid-19

Der Summersaver Anti-Wundreib-Stick gegen das scheuern von FSP2 oder OP Masken

The pandemic has now accompanied us for several months and the wearing of a mouthguard in the form of face masks is indispensable.

Many a person - whether a hairdresser, nurse or doctor - who has to work all day with a face mask knows the problem: after just a few hours of wearing a medical face mask or FFP2 mask, there is an unpleasant feeling behind the ears, followed by irritated skin due to the rubbing of the mask.

The effects of mask wearing on our skin cannot be underestimated and especially the chafing caused by face masks is a big problem for the whole population. But we have the solution to this - our SUMMERSAVER not only protects you from chafing on your thighs or blistering on your feet, but also protects you from chafing and chafing caused by your face mask. If your mask chafes, you can use our SUMMERSAVER on the sensitive skin area behind your ears as a precaution.

Simply twist on one of our SUMMERSAVERs and apply the protective balm preventively, i.e. before wearing your mouth and nose protection.

Now it's goodbye to chafing and hello to pain-free everyday life with face masks!