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The anti-chafing stick that protects your skin!

  • New formulation for sensitive skin
  • Long-lasting and effective protection against chafing
  • Balm formula with panthenol and aloe vera
  • Nourishing coconut and almond oil provide moisture
  • Vitamin E supports cell protection and regeneration
  • Without any fragrance
  • Dermatologically found to be very skin friendly

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More detailed product description

SUMMERSAVER Sensitive is the perfect solution for people with sensitive skin who suffer from chafing in sensitive areas. Our gentle formula contains skin-nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, panthenol and vitamin E to soothe and nourish the skin. High-quality coconut and almond oils support your skin's elasticity and strengthen its barrier protection. Natural aloe vera provides additional moisture and the contained vitamin E and allantoin contribute to the regeneration of your skin. The gentle formulation is free of fragrances and parabens to avoid irritation.

It is an absolute must-have for every handbag. The lightweight, non-greasy formula absorbs quickly and forms an effective balm-protector against chafing. Once applied, you avoid long-lasting unpleasant chafing.

Whether in everyday life, at the office or during sports activities - our anti-chafing stick is the perfect solution. Use SUMMERSAVER Sensitive and enjoy the comfort and care your sensitive skin deserves!


Apply the nourishing protective balm to sensitive skin areas such as inner thighs, bra contour or foot as a precaution. Refresh the protection as needed.

Safety advice: Avoid contact with eyes. Not for human consumption. Keep out of direct sunlight & store in a cool place.

For which areas is the Summersaver Sensitive suitable?

You can use the Summersaver on any area where friction can occur on sensitive skin. For example, inner thighs, buttocks, armpits, bra contour or feet.

Why should I store the Summersaver in a cool place before first use?

Especially in summer it gets very warm in the delivery vans of our shipping service providers and our Summersaver does not like that. We recommend that you store the Summersaver in a cool place before use so that the balm protection has its optimal consistency when applied.

How long does a Summersaver last?

That depends on your individual application behavior. Depending on how often you use it and for which areas. We recommend our new set of 3, so you are optimally supplied for the summer.

What is the shelf life of the Summersaver?

Unopened, the stick has a shelf life of up to 30 months. After opening, we recommend to use the stick within 12 months.

What is the difference between the Woman and Sport version?

We have adjusted the texture of the stick to the application needs. The Summersaver Woman version, is creamier and smells like peach, while our Summersaver Sport, with a slightly "firmer" texture, is specially designed for use during sports. The Summersaver Sport has a fresh mint-bergamot scent.

The perfect companion for sensitive skin

The SUMMERSAVER puts an invisible protective film on your skin. With its creamy balm texture, it protects you effectively and long-lasting from chafing on sensitive skin areas. The chafing of inner thighs, the bra contour and feet belong from now on to the past.
The SUMMERSAVER helps you here

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties and can soothe irritated or sensitive skin. It can relieve redness, irritation and itching and moisturizes your skin.


Panthenol can support the skin's regeneration process. It penetrates deep into the skin and can promote the formation of new skin cells. As a result, it can help heal skin damage such as wounds and irritations.

Almond Oil

High-quality almond oil strengthens the elasticity of your skin. It also provides it with moisture and actively supports its barrier protection. Our mild almond oil gives your skin a nice soft feeling.

Coconut oil

Our high-quality coconut oil provides your skin with rich moisture and makes it supple and soft. It has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, so your skin is well protected even before sensitive skin areas are stressed.

Customer Reviews

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Endlich Sommer …

Endlich Sommer und ich trage Kleider und Röcke ohne wundgeriebene Beine. Es ist wunderbar🥰

Sehr Positiv

Bin sehr zufrieden und glücklich. Der Stift hält was er verspricht. War auch sehr unglücklich über meine Situation. Meine Entzündung an den Oberschekel ist weg nichts reibt mehr. Selbst an der Brust, habe eine große Oberweite die auch durch schwitzen reibt und Ausschlag gebildet

hat. Alles weg Dank dem Roller.Fühe mich wieder wohl in meinem Körper. Dankeschön, bestelle sehr gerne wieder. Grüße Silvia Cech


Beste Erfindung überhaupt!


Gutes Produkt

Ganz große Liebe! 🥰

Nachdem ich letztes Jahr die Edition by Angelina Kirsch entdeckt habe und begeistert war, habe ich mir nun diese neue Variante bestellt. Und was soll ich sagen?! Ich bin absolut verliebt in den Stick und verbringe jetzt im Sommer keinen Tag ohne ihn. Dank euch liebes summersaver Team, kann ich wieder Kleider und Röcke tragen ohne Schmerzen. 🥹🙏


Der Stick hält was er verspricht. Super angenehm auf der Haut - nie wieder ohne im Sommer 👍🏻