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Protect your skin from chafing!

  • New formula for use during sports
  • Unisex version for men, women and divers
  • Effectively protects sensitive skin areas from chafing
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Coconut and almond oils nourish your skin
  • Vitamin E provides optimal cell protection and regeneration
  • Pleasant fresh mint-bergamot scent

25g volume

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More detailed product description

SUMMERSAVER Sport offers you effective balm protection against chafing during sports. Once applied, you avoid unpleasant chafing for a long time. High-quality coconut and almond oils support the elasticity of your skin and strengthen its barrier protection. The additional moisture, the contained vitamin E and allantoin contribute to the regeneration of your skin. The light mint-bergamot scent provides a pleasant feeling of freshness with every application.


Apply the nourishing protective balm as a precaution to sensitive skin areas such as thighs, buttocks, armpits, chest or feet. Refresh the protection as needed.

Safety advice:
Avoid contact with eyes. Not for human consumption. Protect from direct sunlight & store in a cool place.

For which sports is the Sport Stick suitable?

The SUMMERSAVER Sport is perfect for jogging, cycling, hiking, swimming, playing soccer, playing tennis, dancing, fitness classes etc.. It serves as an optimal protection for any sport where there is a lot of movement.

Why should I store the SUMMERSAVER in a cool place before the first use?

Especially in summer it gets very warm in the delivery vans of our shipping companies and our SUMMERSAVER does not like that. We recommend that you store the SUMMERSAVER in a cool place before use so that the Balm Protector has its optimal consistency when applied.

How long does the balm protection last?

That is always quite individual, depending on how much you sweat or how long you exercise. It is important to apply the balm protection before you start with the sport activity. If necessary, you can reapply during the day.

Does the product lubricate?

When developing the sports formula, we took extra care to make the anti-chafing formula a little "firmer". Consequently, you should apply the product to the skin, let it absorb briefly, and then you're good to go.

Is SUMMERSAVER Sport for men or women?

Both! We have deliberately chosen a unisex product, the pleasant mint-bergamot scent is gender-neutral and smells quite simply pleasantly fresh.

Der perfekte Begleiter bei sportlichen Aktivitäten

The new SUMMERSAVER Sport was specially developed for use during sports activities. Whether jogging, cycling, hiking or in the gym - the days of unpleasant chafing on sensitive skin areas are over! Spare your thighs, buttocks, armpits, chest or feet. Our long-lasting balm formula optimally protects your skin wherever unpleasant chafing can occur during sports.
Where the Summersaver can help you


Unser qualitatives Kokosöl versorgt Deine Haut reichhaltig mit Feuchtigkeit. Es wirkt antibakteriell und entzündungshemmend, somit wird deine Haut schon vor der Beanspruchung empfindlicher Hautpartien bestens geschützt.


Unser Hochwertiges Mandelöl stärkt die Elastizität Deiner Haut. Es versorgt sie zusätzlich mit Feuchtigkeit und unterstützt aktiv ihren Barriereschutz. Unser mildes Mandelöl gibt Deiner Haut ein schönes weiches Hautgefühl.

Minze-Bergamotte Duft

Dynamisch, frisch und vitalisierend. Der neue Minze-Bergamotte Duft des SUMMERSAVER Sport sorgt bei der jeder Anwendung für den ultimativen Frische-Kick. Für einen angenehmen Duft bei sportlichen Aktivitäten.

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Kaltenbrunner
Bewertung Produkt

Das Produkt lässt sich leicht anwenden und ist sehr angenehm.
Ich hatte noch keinen extrem Test (Spazieren bei 35 Grad usw.) aber der wird in den nächsten Tagen folgen.
Bis jetzt bin ich sehr zufrieden

Maximilian Lang
Sehr gut

Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem stick hilft
Sehr gut

Thomas Scheil

Super angenehm

Nicole Böcker
Nie mehr ohne

Ich hatte oft wund gescheuerte Schenkel und auch mal unter der Brust Wund. Summersaver verhindert ohne lästige lange Höschen das Scheuern.
Fettet nicht, riecht gut.

Judith Albert
Sehr gutes Produkt

Ich bin begeistert ! Tolles Produkt mit sehr gutem Duft !

Banu Soydangüler
Nie wieder ohne !!!

Ich bin begeistert 🤩 riecht super und hält den ganzen Tag..