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Our quartz bracelets are the must-have for this summer!

The high-quality processed aventurine is said to have a relaxing effect, which increases balance and reduces the stress of everyday life. The feeling of lightheartedness is said to be supported when wearing the quartz. Use our popular aventurine bracelet as a daily reminder to take a deep breath and treat yourself to a break to relax. 

  • Colour: Various turquoise-mint shades
  • Size: Flexible due to high-quality elastic band

Please note: Since the stones are a natural product, the color may vary slightly.


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    More detailed product description

    The high-quality processed aventurine is said to have a calming effect that promotes your balance and reduces everyday stress. Wearing this quartz is said to create a feeling of lightheartedness that helps you to master daily challenges more calmly.

    Our popular aventurine bracelet serves as a daily reminder to allow yourself conscious moments of rest. Every time you look at it, you are reminded to breathe deeply and take a short break. These little breaks can strengthen your inner balance and increase your well-being.

    Wear the aventurine bracelet as a stylish accessory that not only supports your look but also your inner peace. Experience the beneficial effects of aventurine and find small moments of relaxation every day.

    For which areas is the Summersaver suitable?

    You can use the Summersaver anywhere where there is a risk of friction on sensitive skin areas, such as the inner thighs, buttocks, armpits, bra line or even on the feet.

    Why should I store the Summersaver in a cool place before first use?

    Especially in summer, it gets very warm in our delivery vans and our Summersaver doesn't like that very much. We recommend that you store the Summersaver in a cool place before use so that the balm protection has its optimal consistency when applied.

    How long does a Summersaver last?

    This depends on your individual application habits. It depends on how often you use it and on which areas. We recommend our new set of 3, so you are optimally prepared for the summer.

    How long does the Summersaver last?

    If unopened, the stick has a shelf life of up to 30 months. Once opened, we recommend using the stick within 12 months.

    What is the difference between the sticks?

    We have tailored the texture of the stick to the application requirements. The Summersaver Woman variant is creamier and smells of peach, while our Summersaver Sport with a slightly "firmer" texture was specially developed for use during sport and smells fresh of mint and bergamot. The Summersaver by Angelina Kirsch is a limited edition that was developed together with Angelina and smells delicately of cherry blossom. .

    The must-have for this summer!

    Whether at the beach, in the office or with a summer dress, our bracelets are an absolute eye-catcher due to their bright colors and shiny texture, they enhance any look.

    Our absolute insider tip! Combine all 3 colors with each other.

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