The new Summersaver Sensitive

Summersaver Senstive Stick - Der Anti-Wundreib-Stick gegen das wundreiben der Oberschenkelinnenseiten

For particularly sensitive skin

After a long wait, the time has come. You have wished for it, therefore we have developed it for you. The Summersaver Sensitive - our novelty in the Summersaver Family.

Our goal was to protect people with allergies or neurodermatitis from sore thighs and blisters on sensitive skin areas. Thanks to our team of experts, we have developed the mildest formulation for your skin.

No parabens, no aluminum, no silicones and no fragrances. Clean Beauty is the motto. The new sensitive balm formula meets the special requirements of sensitive and allergy-prone skin. Natural aloe vera and panthenol not only provide an extra boost of moisture, but also have an anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect. Nourishing almond and coconut oils give your skin the legendary smoothness of our Summersaver Application Feeling.

Many of you have asked if you can use the Summersaver during pregnancy without hesitation. The answer is YES! All our variants can give your skin reliable skin protection during pregnancy.

Our Senstive Anti-Wound Stick is even suitable for delicate baby skin, from now on we have a stick for big and small.