Thigh soreness - almost every woman knows it

Oberschenkelwundreiben – fast jede Frau kennt es

Spring, summer, sun, beach, favorite dresses. Spring and summer are just around the corner, the next vacation to your dream destination is planned, full of joy for your favorite dresses and beach vacation you can hardly wait - but then a terrible memory catches up with you! The thought of the upcoming pain when rubbing the inner thighs together. We've got good news for you, you're not alone with this problem - millions of women run themselves ragged wearing dresses, skirts and swimwear.

We explain why rubbing your thighs together leads to chafing and why the SUMMERSAVER anti-chafing stick can protect you from it.

Why do you run yourself into a wolf?

Especially with the increased temperatures in summer, our body starts to sweat due to the friction of the skin when wearing dresses, skirts or bikinis.

The salt which is excreted through our skin when we sweat has a similar effect on the skin as sandpaper. Lymphedema (the congestion of lymph fluid) can also be the cause of swollen tissue on the inner thighs. Whether you are short, tall, thin or curvy, the anatomy of your physique determines whether your thighs touch or not.

What helps to prevent thigh chafing?

There are many advices and tips such as Vaseline, baby powder or garters.

Each of these means has its own advantages and disadvantages. Our aim was to develop a solution that would combine all the advantages in one product and provide comfortable and reliable protection. After much deliberation, we had defined three significant requirements for our SUMMERSAVER.

Our anti-chafing stick should be in a practical handbag format, easy to use and very well tolerated by your skin. We have worked for over a year on an optimal anti-chafing formula for you to develop a helpful remedy against chafing thighs.

Our high-quality active ingredient combination of coconut oil, almond oil and vitamin E lays a long-lasting protective film on your sensitive skin areas. Your skin is supplied with an extra portion of moisture and strengthened by valuable antioxidants. The cell-protecting and nourishing properties of our ingredients help to naturally strengthen your skin barrier. An unbeatable combination to protect your skin.