How to avoid chafing and chafing during sports

So vermeidest Du Wundreibungen und Scheuerstellen beim Sport

Almost everyone knows the famous "running a wolf" or chafing and abrasions caused by sports activities. Chafing occurs when skin on skin or skin on fabric rub against each other for a long time. Nasty chafing is most common in the summer or during sports, where it is exacerbated by heat and sweat.

For athletes, the uncomfortable feeling of irritated and inflamed skin from chafing often occurs on the inner thighs, feet, armpits or buttocks from long runs, cycling or other sports.

Summersaver Sport gegen das Wundreiben an Füßen

Blisters and chafing on the feet

Chafing on the armpits

Summersaver Sport beim Wundreiben von Oberschenkelinnenseiten

Chafing and chafing on the inner thighs

But how can you avoid chafing even before it occurs? The solution is called - SUMMERSAVER Sport. From today on, you no longer need to worry about irritated skin due to chafing and rubbing. With SUMMERSAVER Sport, you can now fully enjoy your everyday life and sports activities again.

SUMMERSAVER Sport offers you effective balm protection against chafing during sports. Once applied, you avoid long-lasting unpleasant chafing. High-quality coconut and almond oils support the elasticity of your skin and strengthen its barrier protection. The additional moisture, the contained vitamin E and allantoin contribute to the regeneration of your skin. The light mint-bergamot scent provides the ultimate fresh kick with every application.

How is SUMMERSAVER Sport applied?

It is best to use SUMMERSAVER Sport as a preventive measure, i.e. before stressing sensitive skin areas through sports.

The application is very simple:
  • Twist off the lid - Slightly twist on the stick.
  • Apply the balm generously to the sensitive skin areas
  • Enjoy sports activities without skin irritations
And now we wish you a lot of fun while jogging, cycling, in the gym, skiing, surfing or hiking,